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From the desk of CLET's Managing Director Allen Williams.

After teaching in a classroom at TAFE for many years, using mostly a white board and overhead projector and then learning to use PowerPoint, I wanted to offer a more flexible and empowering learning environment other than students attending a classroom and sitting on chairs all day, where they would rote learn and complete closed book tests.

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In a classroom, I also concluded that the group-work model was flawed, where I would consistently observe a few in each group completing most, if not all the work and the unmotivated would expect to get the same level of credit, confirming the 80/20 rule was alive and well, meaning 20% of the group do 80% of the work.

Since 2006, my passion has been to invest a large amount of my own time and finances into learning about and then building online technologies and software to offer not only the same learning from the classroom, but at a higher level of flexibility and interactivity with the 21st century in mind.

CLET Training now uses more than 70 different type of software to manage our student experience, including the administration of their enrolment to their support and a large variety to build, deliver and evaluate our online courses resources 24/7. Each requiring CLET to invest in a subscription and implement ongoing upgrades. 

Our website and online Learning Management Systems we call Study Cloud are at version 10 and version 20+ compared to the first ones we started with, not to mention the video and audio software developments since then have been huge.

Building, maintaining, delivering and assessing courses online is an investment and commitment that far exceeds anything I experienced in the classroom and really does support that CLET Training and our students are modern in our thinking and that we all are willing to go that extra mile to work hard together and modernise our knowledge and skills to achieve a Nationally Recognised Qualification, so we prepare well for the rest of the 21st century.

The classroom was invented, because there was no Internet, we now have great Internet!

Why is online learning powerful with CLET?

CLET Training's online learning environment is flexible and self-paced, with no assessment due dates. Evidence shows this increases the students learning opportunity and reduces unnecessary stress placed on them. This empowers our students with some positive study challenges that build confidence as they master their course material and complete assessments, these include:

  • self-discipline
  • self-motivation
  • commitment to the outcome

These are positive workplace characteristics that all CLET students achieve as they work inside our online STUDY CLOUD technology that delivers all course resources 24/7 and where assessments are completed and submitted in their own time. However, online students display qualities of independence as they study using our online system and navigating home and work challenges at the same time that may include:

  • House chores
  • Distractions such as TV, friends etc
  • Family responsibilities, that 
  • Work

CLET student's learn that they must honestly and effectively assess their individual strengths and challenges when it relates to their own study skills and habits. They develop a process that allows them to be most effective and continually develop strategies for improvements when designing their individual study plans.

Employers, if you are looking for new people who are highly motivated, computer-literate and can analyse and solve problems independently, I would recommend taking a closer look at applicants who have completed a CLET Training online course as there is no flying under the radar when completing our courses, that can be commonly seen in a classroom setting.

Skills displayed by students completing a CLET Training online course include:

  1. ability to be work under limited supervision
  2. self motivation with a desire to learn new things
  3. commitment to see a task through to completion
  4. willingness to sacrifice personal and leisure time to achieve an outcome
  5. very good time management
  6. ability to read, analyse and follow instructions
  7. proven ability to finish something they started
  8. willingness to invest in their own learning
  9. willingness to modernise their thinking
  10. efficiency in the use of a personal computer and/or mobile devices
  11. ability to use modern software
  12. ability to research and find relevant information
  13. good level of oral and written communication
  14. ability to ask questions and seek support when needed
  15. analytical thinking and can solve problems

TIP for employers during an job interview:

If you want to know if an applicant is innovative, self-motivated and prepared to learn new things, ask them if they have studied or are prepared to study an online course. Then watch their body language and listen carefully for tone in their voice. If their response is positive and they either have already studied and completed an online course or are open to the idea, than you know you are on a winner. If they have never looked at this option, grunt and are dismissive or indifferent to the idea, you know you have someone who is set in their ways, more than likely out of touch with advances in technology and not prepared to do anymore than the minimum for you. 

Employees of the future will have all studied online and have the modern job ready skills needed for the rest of the 21st century and beyond. 

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