Gap Training

CLET offers gap training for emergency management clients who need to complete a selected number units


Modern Online Study

At CLET Training, we could see the importance of offering a modern and flexible online study experience for our students as far back as 2006.

We have been working 7 days a week since then, investing in and learning how to utilise all technologies available over this time.

As we all know, this technology is continually changing, and CLET is dedicated to keeping our online Study Cloud up to date and easy to use for our students.

7 Days Support

We are dedicated to providing 7 day a week support.

All students may send a message to their trainers 24/7 inside Study Cloud and receive answers in a timely manner.

All administration staff are available Monday to Friday during business hours.


All study fees have been kept to a minimum for over 15 years now, to allow everyone to access quality online training.

Flexible Payment Plans: CLET offers our students the opportunity to pay a once off deposit on enrolment and then small monthly payments until the course fee is paid in full. Customised weekly and fortnightly payment plans are permitted if this better suits your budget. Speak with our staff for more details on 1300 760 605 or Small administration fee applies to payment plans.


All CLET courses are flexible with NO assessment due dates.

Meaning you can study at your own pace, when and where you wish.

CLET enquires in many ways with our students, asking about their study experience with us.

Overwhelmingly, our students were very complimentary about the flexibility we offer, allowing them to study in their own time, with no assessment due dates.

This dramatically reduces the stress of study for the busy student.

Eco Friendly

Taking dynamic steps towards environmental sustainability.

We understand the importance of social responsibility and together with strong ties in the community, we pride ourselves on environmentally sound sustainability practices.

We have reduced the use of paper by 98% percent by converting the enrolment process and all study resources to an online environment. The service delivery to clients is second to none and supports CLET’s desire to be recognised for excellence, innovation, adaptability and industry expertise.


All courses are Nationally Recognised and offered in line with our industry training packages.

There is no such thing as failure when you study with CLET Training.

We work closely with each individual student to ensure they have the opportunity to study and be assessed until they reach the required standards to be awarded their chosen qualification.

Apply for Recognition

If you have workplace experience and wish to be assessed for recognition towards one or more qualification, you may apply for RPL first.

Due to CLET's expertise with the ranks, roles, duties, and training of our clients, CLET has a comprehensive vault of evidence and role mapping used to assist with all RPL assessments, minimising the need for each client to provide a truckload of the same workplace documents.

CLET understands the legislative requirements relating to workplace confidentiality. 

RPL Qualifications

All CLET Training clients submit an application for RPL first.

The CLET RPL team then reviews each application, the evidence submitted and provides the client with an initial report with a list of possible qualifications that match their experience.

The client then communicates with the team via email and requests a final report to focus on their outcomes. The team then conducts a full RPL assessment and provides the client with a final report, all obligation-free. 

If successful, the client may then request to be awarded a qualification from the final report and pay the RPL fee, or enrols to complete one or more identified units to fill any gaps.

What is expected of me when I study with CLET?

All staff and trainers work closely with all our students to help them achieve their study goals.

To study with CLET Training, there are a few things you need to be aware of and prepare for before you start your course.

Watch this video to learn more.

The flexibility of online learning is awesome!

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