About CLET Training

CLET Training is a Registered Training Organisation in Australia. RTO number: 31254.


The CLET vision is driven by a focus on delivering a quality Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment process in Australia, promoting a culture of lifelong recognition of learning and innovation, when recognising the existing knowledge and skills of Australia's workforce, so all individuals can actively and willingly remain competitive in the marketplace.


To provide a modern and flexible online learning environment free from stressful due dates, acknowledge the skills that have already been achieved and formalise them via recognition of prior learning (RPL).


Mission Statement

  • To recognise existing skills and knowledge in Australia's workforce
  • To offer support and hope to Australia's front-line workers
  • To lead in the quality provision of flexible training and assessment
  • To enhance eLearning and achieve outcomes in a technologically advanced world
  • To develop learners intellectually and personally
  • To prepare learners effectively for career and job outcomes

Power of Nationally Recognised Qualifications

For many years, the College for Law Education and Training (CLET) has been referred to as 'CLET' or 'CLET Training' by our clients, so we decided to change the name officially from College for Law Education and Training to 'CLET Training' in 2021. We also took the opportunity to modernise the look and feel by updating our shield design at the same time.

So for those who are visiting us for the first time, CLET Training is a registered training organisation (RTO# 31254) and is Australian owned and operated.  Previously known as the College for Law Education and Training and College for Law and Justice Administration, we have been offering services in the vocational education and training (VET) sector since February 2006.

CLET provides three specific services in the VET sector:

  1. Recognition of existing skills and knowledge via recognition of prior learning (RPL) to ensure that current workers have access to an assessment process that recognises their commitment to their current and former careers and helps to convert those skills to nationally recognised qualifications.
  2. Tailored workplace learning that combines recognition of existing skills for workers with new learning for upskilling in the workplace.  CLET provides contextualised and adaptive learning opportunities for learners who are already in the workplace.  This is available for individuals and workplace groups.
  3. Following the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment, flexible online learning for individuals who require further learning to close any gaps is available online (gap training).  Study can be done from home and without due dates, making CLET's online courses some of the most flexible available.  This means any learner can fit the studies around their busy lives and still work towards achieving a nationally recognised qualification.

Modern education in a technological world

CLET provides a modern and adaptive online learning environment that encourages learners to embrace technology and experience the convenience of studying from anywhere at anytime.  All course materials are provided online and access to the online learning system is available 24/7 through all smart devices as well as the usual desktop computers.  CLET trainers and assessors can be contacted directly through the online system at all times, and are timely in their responses.  Learner support is a crucial activity for CLET staff.

The CLET team understands that taking on study in a busy world can be daunting and overwhelming, and they endeavour to make the experience enjoyable.  A flexible delivery environment and easy access to resources is a key component of CLET's success in this sector.

Ready for today’s job market.

In this day and age, accessing information is easy and convenient, but accessing good learning is more challenging.  CLET courses are all prepared in-house by well-qualified trainers, assessors, and instructional designers and they are built specifically around the needs of learner groups.  Learners studying with CLET can be confident that they are being provided with information relevant to the workplace, and that the assessment tools and techniques are relevant to developing and testing their skills and knowledge.  This ensures the learners will benefit when in the workplace.

Career outcomes are the focus of vocational level qualifications and CLET strives to ensure that there is a constant link between the qualification being studied and the industry that demands it.  This means that learners are ready and confident to face new work endeavours when their qualification is completed.

Knowledge, skills, and real-life experience.

CLET sets high levels of expectations for its learners to make sure that they are the best prepared they can be when navigating the workplace.  As such, CLET makes the same demands of its training and assessment staff.  The CLET team is well educated, both at vocational and higher education levels, with extensive life and industry experience relevant to the qualifications held by CLET.  This means that learners have access to highly skilled trainers and assessors who can guide them through the learning process as well as keep them focussed on industry needs and outcomes.  Everybody is working toward the same outcomes.

CLET's dedication to service delivery for learners is second to none and supports CLET’s desire to be recognised for excellence in learning, innovation and adaptability, and industry knowledge.

Specialist Experience

CLET has specialist experience in the recognition of prior learning (RPL) and training and assessment for the following industry groups:

  • Police
  • Military
  • Emergency Services - Fire and Paramedic
  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Mining
  • Detention/Correctional 

CLET has streamlined assessment processes that support the transition of members of these groups from their service organisation to alternative workplaces of their choosing.  This is done through the RPL process to match existing skills and knowledge from the workplace to nationally recognised qualifications that help new employers understand the work experience.

The CLET team is passionate about its services in this space and works tirelessly to make sure adequate support and service are provided to former members of these organisations.


CLET Training has highly qualified and experienced team members who regularly and actively consult to industry on areas that support the development of their workplace members.  This is to encourage the recognition of existing skills in the workplace and to ensure that employers can utilise and develop their staff as effectively as possible.  The CLET consultants are hand-picked from the best of the CLET team and adopt a facilitative learning approach to ensure that workplaces learn how to develop their staff in the most effective manner, and can do so into the future.

Why CLET Training?


  • RPL team leader is Dr Kate Martin
  • Assessing service personnel since 2006
  • RPL assessors understand civilian requirements 
  • RPL assessors degree and industry qualified
  • Modern interactive online RPL application process
  • Apply online 365 days a year
  • Securely upload your workplace evidence online
  • RPL assessment is obligation free
  • Nationally Recognised Qualifications
  • Low fees and flexible payment plans

Why study with CLET?

  • Offering online gap training for experienced workers
  • Nationally Recognised Courses
  • Study 365 days a year
  • CLET's online system is called Study Cloud
  • Interactive online study and Assessments
  • Study resources available 24/7
  • No assessment due dates - study at your pace
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Online/Phone and ZOOM Student Support