Mining Career Progression

Match your operational training, knowledge, skills and experience to Nationally Recognised Qualifications!


The mining industry in Australia and offshore has a large number of employees across a wide range of different specialty areas. CLET acknowledges the diverse range of skills and extensive level of experience required to work in this industry. With roles and tasks covering security, risk management, work health and safety, training, and a range of industry specific areas, current and former employees of the mining sector have a unique skill set to offer employers.

The CLET RPL team has a solid understanding of the mining sector and our qualified and experienced trainers and assessors will help you undertake the assessment process to see if you are eligible to convert your employment experience from this industry into an Australian Nationally Recognised Qualification.

What can I use a CLET qualification for?

  • Promotion or movement within the mining industry
  • Formalises your mining administrative, knowledge, skills and training
  • Apply for position outside mining, the private and public sectors recognise Nationally Recognised Qualifications
  • Place qualification/s on your wall with pride, to recognise your years of dedicated service to Australia's natural resources and export industry

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