What is RPL?



RPL - what does it mean?

If you have heard the term RPL but you do not know what this actual means, let me clear up the meaning for you.

RPL is the term commonly used throughout the Australian education system and is short for:

Recognition of Prior Learning

The GOAL of RPL is to acknowledge and formalise experience! This is achieved by formally assessing and recording that the knowledge and skills of the individual match the criteria of a qualification and award them with a certificate without the need to study something you already know!

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) ensures individuals with employment experience are given the opportunity to convert that knowledge and practical application of skills to Nationally Recognised Qualifications. This allows you to move between employment sectors with qualifications that are recognised and ensures ongoing competitiveness in the marketplace between all age groups.

CLET specialises in providing Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Australia's Essential Services including Military (Australian Defence Force - ADF), Police, Firefighters, Paramedics, Health, Volunteers such as SES, Corrections, Mining and Government Departments at all levels. 

RPL Assessment Process

The RPL assessment process is designed to establish from the evidence you provide, that your current knowledge and skills satisfy the relevant qualification criteria, removing the need for study. Meaning, a RPL assessment conducted by CLET RPL team found that you are eligible to receive FULL RECOGNITION for your PRIOR LEARNING, or there are some gaps where some study is involved. Those with no workplace knowledge or skills in the area of interest would enrol in and study the full qualification.

As an example, if you submit a RPL APPLICATION with CLET, our RPL team will then follow a formal assessment process to screen and review the evidence you provide. In addition to this evidence they also consult with the relevant industries and conduct their own research to build a RPL assessment portfolio on your behalf. This portfolio professionally narrates your workplace training, knowledge, skills and experience, including formal, informal and non-formal learning you have completed over the years.

CLET’s RPL assessors then map your portfolio of RPL evidence to the criteria of the most suitable Nationally Recognised Qualifications that best support your individual achievements. You are then provided with two obligation free reports, the first is an initial overview on your suitability and if you wish to continue to final assessment on a particular qualification/s. The second report advises you of the final assessment outcome and if successful, you may choose to be issued with any approved qualification/s or continue to the study option if gaps were found. If you receive full RPL, once you have paid the RPL fees, it is at this time you can add your new qualification/s to your resume when looking for new employment outcomes and place in a frame on your wall of memorabilia.

By achieving a CLET Nationally Recognised Qualification via RPL you can share your certificate with the world to show that you are formally qualified!


Do you have any questions about RPL? CLICK HERE to open the CLET RPL FAQ page for answers to your RPL questions.


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