What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) ensures individuals with employment experience are given the opportunity to convert that knowledge and practical application of skills to nationally recognised qualifications. This allows individuals to move between employment sectors with qualifications that are recognised and ensures ongoing competitiveness in the marketplace between all age groups.

CLET Training RPL process is an additional way to assess applicants knowledge, skills and abilities against the criteria for qualifications they wish to be assessed against. Our assessors are highly educated in Competency Based Assessment practices and understand how to assess and recognise our applicants industry competencies against relevant qualifications no matter where and how they are acquired.

In addition, the Competency Based Assessment practice does not compare each applicant's results with each other (like it does in schools), but rather how they individually satisfy the criteria of the relevant qualification they are being assessed against.

However, in industries where everyone is trained and expected to behave and perform in the same manner according to their rank and position (military, police and emergency services), than CLET assessors have a high level of expertise, industry consultation and research behind them to ensure valid and reliable assessment decisions are made. 

This means that CLET's assessment of suitability is conducted using current and former industry professionals and RPL is NOT awarded unless substantial evidence is available. However, to assist applicants from specialist industries such as policing and military, CLET has conducted extensive mapping against highly recognised training, rank and positions within these areas to reduce the amount of paperwork required to satisfy eligibility and to protect legislative confidentiality laws, policies and procedures.

Also see our What is RPL Page.

Benefit of RPL

Being awarded with a Nationally Recognised Qualification is very satisfying, especially when your years of work experience has been recognised. A qualification is a great tool to assist you to be more competitive when seeking a promotion or when you submit a new employment application with a fresh and up to date resume you can be proud of. You can then present your certificate/s awarded via RPL at interview and have the confidence in knowing that they will help to support your claim that you are the best person for the job.

Achieving a Nationally Recognised Qualification via RPL means you hold a qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). This framework is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australian education and it is an agreed policy of all Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. Under this policy, CLET qualifications are accredited by the Commonwealth Governments Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and issued by CLET who is registered as an approved training organisation RTO #31254 by ASQA.

If you are transitioning from one employment to another such as the police, military any part of emergency services or between government departments, holding one or more Nationally Recognised Qualifications is a great way for your new employer to connect the dots between what you have been doing to what you can offer them in a new role.  In other words, to help your new employer understand the knowledge and skills you have achieved over the years, a qualification relevant to their industry is something they can easily understand. It also tells them you are qualified and knowledge and skills are current in their space when you present a CLET certificate at interview.

Another way to look at this is, a Nationally Recognised Qualification achieved via RPL is a pathway that records that you have successfully participated in a formal assessment process conducted by qualified assessors. This qualification also holds exactly the same weight as if you studied the course and it has found that your workplace experience is equal to or exceeds the criteria set by the accredited qualification/s.

The CLET RPL team know how to identify experience over little or no experience, HOW? Because for many years prior to working with adults in the vocational sector, they had exposure to students at secondary level (year 11 and 12) and were trainers of younger people at TAFE where RPL was not even discussed and all criteria was studied because these students had no work experience.

With this experience in mind, together with decades of working in multiple industries, the CLET RPL team can easily identify experience and how this can translate to recognising where knowledge and skills already exists, and no study is required.

THE CLET RPL team have been doing this for a long time now. CLET’s Managing Director Allen Williams received his first RPL qualification in 1999 and completed his Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education in 2000, working in government training roles, secondary school and TAFE’s prior to registering our RTO in 2006.

We know what we are looking at and how to provide not only the best RPL outcome, but to ensure that each and every client receives ALL the recognition of their prior learning they have achieved over the years.

Watch this video!

  • The satisfaction of having your knowledge and skills independently and formally recognised and that they are current
  • Achieve a mandated pay rise or promotion
  • Strengthen your resume, LinkedIn profile or personal website with formal qualifications when applying and presenting at interview for new employment
  • Satisfy mandatory licensing requirements
  • Apply for entry into a university degree (Diploma and above)
Visibility is credibility. If people don't know what you do, you can't sell it. A certificate via RPL gives them something to see!

RPL Process

CLET’s RPL process has been carefully designed so each applicant will feel that it is relatively simple to complete, even though in the background it is an intricate and complex process undertaken by the CLET RPL team.

Once you complete and submit CLET’s RPL Assessment Form and drag and drop the evidence you would like to provide into the secure online area, the CLET RPL team will then take over and do the rest for you! It’s that simple!

You may provide all, some or no evidence at the time you submit your application and using the dedicated link we send to you via email, you may return to your individual RPL evidence page on CLET’s website at any time to drag and drop more supporting documents into your RPL evidence portfolio.

Six Step RPL Process:

  1. The first step is to complete and submit CLET’s easy to fill in RPL application Form. Just click the APPLY NOW button found throughout CLET’s website to get started.
  2. The next step offers you the opportunity to upload your evidence using CLET’s drag and drop feature to support your experience. Examples of this is explained on the page after you submit the application form.
  3. Step 3 is where CLET’s RPL team screen your application and review the evidence provided. They then email you a report that explains the possible outcomes if you wish to proceed to final assessment.
  4. Step 4 is where you provide feedback to the CLET RPL team from the information recorded on the initial report, where you request, they focus on one or more qualifications you wish to achieve at this time.
  5. From your feedback, the RPL team will then conduct a throughout assessment and email you a final RPL assessment report outlining the official RPL outcome. If unsuccessful at this time, other options are recommended in the report.
  6. If successful, the final step is for you to decide if you wish to proceed to receive your approved qualification and pay the RPL fees. When paid, you receive a digital copy of your certificate via email and they are also mailed via registered post.

The whole process usually takes around 28 days.

However, if you chose not to proceed the assessment process is obligation free and you can contact CLET in the future if you change your mind.

The idea is to hold a Nationally Recognised qualification that formalises your workplace skills where future employers can connect the dots from what you have done and can do to what they need.

This will provide you with the confidence you need to stay on track when moving forward.

The following video explains the journey you will follow during CLET's Six Step RPL Process.

At CLET, we believe everyone is worthy of recognition for their hard work and efforts. The RPL assessment process is designed to establish to what level.


According to the Commonwealth Governments Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA 2020), under Clause 1.8 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015, CLET as a RTO must offer recognition of prior learning (RPL) to individuals with workplace and life knowledge and skills—unless the requirements of the training package or licensing requirements prevent this. And by offering RPL ensures experienced applicants have the opportunity to participate in assessment that is flexible and fair.

ASQA (2019) further advise that:

'RPL is an assessment-only process that assesses the competency of an individual—competency which may have been acquired through formal, non-formal and/or informal learning. This assessment seeks to determine the extent to which an individual meets the requirements specified in training packages or VET accredited courses.'

Up to 28 days!

Each RPL assessment is broken into two stages.

Stage 1 is an initial review of your suitability and will take up to 14 days for you to receive your initial review report.

Stage 2 can take a further 14 days from your go ahead to issue the final assessment report.

When you submit your application to be assessed for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) with CLET we do not rush your assessment. We take it very seriously and do not promise quick turn arounds in the attempt to sell you a qualification. Rather, our goal is to ensure that your application and evidence receives a planned and thorough review where your workplace training, experience, roles and the knowledge and skills achieved from this collective is comprehensively mapped to the criteria of relevant Nationally Recognised Qualifications where we leave no stone unturned to ensure you are not short changed on your final outcome and receive ALL the credit that is reflective of your experience.

Then, the decision to pay the fees and receive your award/s is up to you. CLET are not here to sell you anything. Our role is to offer you the opportunity to have your workplace knowledge and skills assessed FREE OF CHARGE and OBLIGATION FREE and for you to receive the correct level of recognition for your knowledge skills. We were the first to do this and this is our commitment to all our clients.

YOU then decide how this may benefit your new employment aspirations and CLET staff can provide advice when needed. Our RPL Team Leader Kate Martin is available 7 days a week and provides her mobile phone to all our RPL clients if you need to speak with her about the RPL process or the benefits of certain qualifications when wishing to achieve targeted employment outcomes.

Visibility is credibility. If people don't know what you do, you can't sell it. A certificate via RPL gives them something to see!

When you submit your application and find you are short of time due to a job interview or other reason, you may email or phone the RPL team Leader and she will expediate the process to suite your timeline. There is NO CHARGE for this service.

Email: info@clet.edu.au

Phone: 1300 760 605


According to our National RTO regulator the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA):

‘The RTO Standards require that evidence demonstrating current competency is from the present or the ‘very recent past’. The Standards do not specify the time that would be considered ‘very recent past’, as this may vary between industries’ (ASQA 2020).

To adhere with the RTO Standards, the CLET RPL process is designed to accept any evidence (ASQA 2020) you may wish to provide to support your RPL application. Our assessors have the necessary qualifications, skills and knowledge to determine what constitutes ‘very recent past’ for your particular industry/rank/role. It is our responsibility to ensure that we are happy that the evidence provided is sufficient to show you are competent at the time our RPL team makes their assessment decision.

If you need to provide additional evidence, one of our RPL team will contact you that may include participating in a competency conversation, uploading documentation or completing the necessary amount of gap training and assessment to update any identified knowledge and skills.

What sets the CLET RPL team apart is we all not only have daily contact with industry or work in industry, but we are continually updating our knowledge and skills by studying courses relevant to the industries of our clients and where they would like to go. This means our team is always up to date with the current industry practices and compares this with the evidence provided by our clients to determine currency. Interestingly, we also see where industry is not up to date in their practices, and we take everything into account when assessing and mapping against course criteria. See our team profiles for more information.

Only if needed!

CLET conduct a screening process on all new applications and then decide on the best course of action for our clients.

The CLET RPL assessment team are qualified and experience assessors with investigation qualifications and extensive industry exposure. As a result, they understand that your RPL assessment and the RPL report of findings are mapped according to the evidence you provide, their knowledge of the positions you have achieved during your career , additional research of the organisations you have worked for and consulting with CLET’s industry consultants when needed.

If there are any gaps, the RPL team will establish the best form of communication and evidence requirements to fill these gaps. This may include conducting a competency conversation with you over the phone at a time that best suits you. However, if the evidence can be found using other means and research, a phone conversation may not be required.

When you receive your successful final assessment outcome and fees are paid in full, your qualification is encrypted and emailed to you electronically, then mailed via registered post which generally takes 5-7 working days to arrive. 

Sit back and relax. The CLET RPL Team will take it from here and conduct a full initial review (will take up to 14 days) and final assessment (upon your request – will take up to a further 14 days) of your knowledge and skills and evidence provided.

If they need anything further or wish to speak with you, they will make contact. If you wish to contact the RPL Team you are provided with their email address and the RPL Team Leader’s mobile phone number that you may contact anytime if you have any questions, 7 days a week. Alternatively, you may ring the CLET Office on 1300 760 605 during business hours.

All RPL enquiries may be directed to: info@clet.edu.au.

RPL Evidence

The following list are examples of what you may wish to provide to support your application for RPL. The more evidence available to the CLET RPL team, the faster your assessment outcome can be achieved.

  1. current resume or CV
  2. PMKeys service record
  3. police officers - service history
  4. relevant job descriptions
  5. examples of relevant work product that is not confidential
  6. letters of reference or commendation
  7. in service courses
  8. qualification transcripts
  9. course reports
  10. performance appraisal reports
  11. references
  12. personal self-assessment letter explaining your experience
  13. other information such as work examples relevant to qualification/s of interest
  14. phone conversations to confirm knowledge and skills may be conducted

All evidence can be uploaded to CLET's secure online evidence vault when you complete your application form or at anytime following the submission of your application using our simple drag and drop feature.

When your application is received, you are provided with your own individual link via email that you can use at anytime to return and add evidence to support your application.

Once you have completed the RPL Assessment Form you will gain access to the evidence upload page where you can easily drag and drop you evidence documents into the CLET secure online evidence vault. If you need more time to gather all or more evidence, you are emailed your individual evidence page link where you can return and upload evidence at any time and on multiple occasions if needed.

CLET is committed to ensure that ALL the personal information and evidence you provide during your RPL application and RPL assessment is secured using the highest level of encryption and respected with the upmost confidentiality. CLET’s staff have all been in government positions that required security clearances and have studied cyber security at master’s level, so we know what we are looking at, the current cyber threats and how to secure your information to maintain it's confidentiality.

RPL Pricing (Fees)

From the day CLET was registered as a RTO in February 2006 we have not charged our RPL clients to conduct their RPL assessment. Your RPL assessment is conducted FREE OF CHARGE and OBLIGATION FREE where you receive a report explaining your RPL assessment outcome. This report includes a pricing list.

Fees only apply if you then decide you would like to proceed to receive your qualification/s. This is CLET’s commitment and service we offer our RPL clients.

If you visit the full list of our available RPL courses and select the courses you are interested in applying for RPL, the RPL fee for each course can be found on their individual page.

All RPL fees are less for each qualification compared to if you study and they range from $995 to $3250 depending on the qualification.

There are various payment options available:

  • Option 1 - CLET’s secure online RPL payment form. Link provided with final assessment outcome
  • Option 2 – Call 1300 760 605 during business hours and pay over the phone
  • Option 3 – Interest free payment plan, see below
If you cannot pay your RPL fees in full the CLET accounts team will help you with an interest free payment plan that can be adjusted or paid out at anytime! No time limits, no interest, no additional fees, no third party institutions!


At CLET there are two flexible payment plan options, and both have no time limits, no interest and no additional fees. CLET takes care of it all for you:

  • Option 1 - provide CLET with your credit/debit card details and your nominated amount can be direct debited on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis. You just give us a call on 1300 760 605 and we can set this up for you.
  • Option 2 - direct bank transfer your nominated amount on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis to our bank account: CLET, BSB: 034 215, A/C: 313886 ensuring you clearly state your name and CLET number for easy identification.
CLET accounts team will customise a RPL payment plan to suit your individual budgetary requirements and an invoice will be forwarded upon receipt of your first payment and an updated statement of account will be sent following each further payment.

Why CLET Training?


  • RPL team leader is Dr Kate Martin
  • Assessing service personnel since 2006
  • RPL assessors understand civilian requirements 
  • RPL assessors degree and industry qualified
  • Modern interactive online RPL application process
  • Apply online 365 days a year
  • Securely upload your workplace evidence online
  • RPL assessment is obligation free
  • Nationally Recognised Qualifications
  • Low fees and flexible payment plans

Why study with CLET?

  • Offering online gap training for experienced workers
  • Nationally Recognised Courses
  • Study 365 days a year
  • CLET's online system is called Study Cloud
  • Interactive online study and Assessments
  • Study resources available 24/7
  • No assessment due dates - study at your pace
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Online/Phone and ZOOM Student Support

Have any Questions?

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