General RPL

Undertake a RPL assessment to see if your work experience can be converted to a nationally recognised qualification


General RPL is part of the assessment requirements of any registered training organisation (RTO). This means that CLET can conduct a RPL assessment for you regardless of whether you are from one of the specified industry groups.

However, the process is slightly different as we may not know as much about your industry and experience as we do about the others we have listed.

Select the qualification/s you wish to be assessed for from the list provided in the RPL assessment form. An overall assessment is not the best option for general RPL. 

If you have any evidence of your employment readily available, you can upload after completing the RPL assessment form. This can be a resume and position description, contract of employment, references, other qualifications etc.

Once we have this, we will explore your employment experience and advise of additional evidence needs, if any. 

If you do not have any evidence easily available, we will send you through a list of evidence suggestions that match the qualification you have requested and the work area you have experience in.

There may be a level of back and forth until we have all criteria for the requested qualifications covered, or cannot reach the desired outcome. We will communicate the outcome to you, either way.

The usual period for RPL assessment is 28 days, but general RPL can take longer. Overall, it will take as long as the assessment process demands whilst we interact with you about evidence, and we conduct the necessary verifications and validations.

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