Military Transition

CLET helps ADF personnel transition with Nationally Recognised Qualifications employers understand.


Transitioning from a military (ADF) career is surprisingly challenging. Although it may appear to others to simply be a career change, the team at CLET has extensive research that informs this is not the case. Facing new employment in the civilian sector following a career in the military can be daunting and CLET is here to help.

The civilian employment sector demands different criteria for work, it uses different language, and it has little to no understanding of the skills and knowledge that come from a career in the military.

Military personnel develop a skill base that is unique but transferable. Members, whether having served a short term or toward the end of an extensive career have developed skills in security, risk management, work health and safety, leadership, business, emergency management, and much more.

Our CLET RPL team can convert these skills into Nationally Recognised Qualifications and our assessment process is obligation free.

The CLET Military RPL team is lead by Dr Kate Martin who is a leading expert in assessing current and former military personnel's workplace experience, knowledge, skills, from both on and off the job! Transferring skills and knowledge acquired in the military to nationally recognised qualifications is a step in ensuring that the civilian employers can see the worth of military personnel as potential new hires.

The RPL Team consists of former and current service men and women and regularly consults with current and former members of the ADF. Combined, they hold higher education qualifications in Psychology, Disaster and Emergency Response, International Security Studies, Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism, Project Management, and Business together with vocational qualifications in Security and Risk Management, WHS, Leadership, Business, and Logistics. This supports an expertise in the recognition of the skills and knowledge of military personnel and ensures that all options are presented when available.

All ADF personnel can trust the CLET Military RPL team to understand and interpret their experience and assess it against an extensive range of qualifications. We encourage all ADF personnel to take this opportunity to have their knowledge and skills assessed against civilian qualifications that are recognised across all employment sectors and join a highly-skilled group of ADF who hold one or more of CLET's extensive list of Nationally Recognised Qualification/s, that have been carefully selected by the CLET RPL Team to best match ADF training, transferable knowledge, skills, and experience. 

The RPL Team is available 7 days a week, and outside hours, to cater to the needs of military personnel - current and former.

When you APPLY ONLINE, you may request an overall assessment, drag and drop your evidence into your SECURE online application page and the CLET RPL team will do the rest for you.

What can I use a CLET Nationally Recognised Qualification for?

  • Promotion within or across the ADF
  • Enhance your eligibility for movement into specialist areas within the ADF
  • Make yourself a more attractive candidate for employment when transitioning from the ADF
  • Pursue opportunities for employment in a massive range of areas including local, national and international
  • Know with certainty that your years of hard work and experience have not gone unnoticed
  • Apply for entry into suitably related university degrees 

Learn more about the power of holding a CLET Training's Nationally Recognised Qualification.

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