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CLET offers a modern and flexible online skills recognition experience. Submit a RPL application and upload evidence 24/7.


Submit Application 24/7

CLET has built our clients a modern and flexible online 'Skills Recognition' platform where they can apply to have their workplace knowledge and skills recognised using the most up-to-date and modern technology.

To apply to have all workplace skills recognised, all clients submit an easy-to-complete online application form and then drag and drop supporting evidence onto an individually allocated secure evidence page for our RPL Team to commence the obligation-free skills assessment.

The RPL Team will review all work experience and complete an initial report they will email within 28 days.

7 Days Support

We are dedicated to providing 7 day a week support.

All RPL clients are provided with our RPL Team Leader Dr Kate Martin's mobile phone and email following the submission of an RPL application.

Kate will answer all questions and offer advice and support when requested 7 days.


All RPL fees are a fraction of the price compared to if a qualification is studied.

See each qualification for individual RPL pricing</p.

In this economy, value for money and time is important. At CLET we value your money and your time as a result all RPL applications are flexible and obligation-free. Fees only become payable if a successful client requests to have the award of a qualification issued to them. 

With competitive RPL rates, and the capacity to design your own payment plan, CLET makes it possible for everyone to afford and access high-quality skills recognition service.


The RPL application process is flexible and CLET RPL Team works with each client individually and at their pace.

The CLET RPL Team operates differently from the traditional RTO RPL assessment process. Why is this?

Dr Kate Martin is Australia's leading expert in employment post-service for Australian uniformed professionals in the Defence Force, Police, and Emergency Services completing her Doctoral studies in this area in 2020.

With this expertise and an additional eight Masters and two Bachelor Degrees, plus four graduate diplomas, with many more vocational qualifications, industry experience and comprehensive consultation for over 30 years, Kate is able to build and lead the RPL assessment process with minimal input from the client. 

Eco Friendly

Taking dynamic steps towards environmental sustainability.

We understand the importance of social responsibility and together with strong ties in the community, we pride ourselves on environmentally sound sustainability practices.

We have reduced the use of paper by almost 98 percent by converting all RPL assessment resources to an online environment. The service delivery to clients is second to none and supports CLET’s desire to be recognised for excellence, innovation, adaptability and industry expertise.


All RPL assessments are conducted by industry experts who understand where our clients have come from and where they would like to go.

It is not uncommon for our clients from the military, police, and emergency services to be confused about how their knowledge and skills from the services can be used in the civilian workplace.

Dr Kate Martin has a full understanding of this dilemma and knows how to convert this experience into civilian Nationally Recognised Qualifications our clients can use to present to civilian employers when seeking new employment outside the service.

RPL Evidence

When the RPL Application form is completed, clients are provided with additional information including a list of evidence they may wish to provide in support.

Due to CLET's expertise with the ranks, roles, duties, and training of our clients, CLET has a comprehensive vault of evidence and role mapping used to assist with all RPL assessments, minimising the need for each client to provide a truckload of the same workplace documents.

CLET understands the legislative requirements relating to workplace confidentiality. 

Online Assessment

All RPL assessments are submitted online using our secure and custom-built website form.

The CLET RPL team then reviews each application, the evidence submitted and provides the client with an initial report with a list of possible qualifications that match their experience.

The client then communicates with the team via email and requests a final report to focus on their outcomes. The team then conducts a full RPL assessment and provides the client with a final report, all obligation-free. 

If successful, the client may then request to be awarded a qualification from the final report and pay the RPL fee.

RPL Online - Designed for our clients

Workplace learning converted to Qualifications

The CLET RPL Team, headed by Dr Kate Martin has been recognising the knowledge and skills of our current and former military, police, and emergency services personnel since 2006.

Watch this video to learn about the CLET RPL process.

Experts in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

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