Dear CLET, Thank you so much for all your hard work in supporting our team at ASIC. Your efforts are highly appreciated by Security Services at ASIC! - Madden

Thank you to you and your team at CLET. You have helped me achieve something I never thought possible! - Jason F

Congratulations, you people do a fantastic job. Keep the good work up. - Daniel Charters

The College is always improving and updating the curriculum which always makes it very relevant. I see this as a very positive aspect of the training at this college. - Roger Wheeler

You and your team there at CLET have been fantastic, amazing and all other words that encompass an outstanding and understanding organisation. Please pass on my gratitude to your team for the help given. - Jason Dunn

CLET was a great stepping stone for myself. I am now at University studying Criminology and next year I start my bachelor of law. Highly recommend them. - Wayne Smith

This really helped me. I didnt finish my degree as I left Uni to join the Police, and I never got round to getting back there. CLET have been great in helping me get all my experience together and then translating that to a qual that I would otherwise have spent a couple of years + over $15,000 obtaining. Fantastic!. If you are not sure, give it a chance. Nothing to lose and you might just end up with an AQF recognised qualification. Its legit, and recognises people life and work experience. Thanks CLET! - Tony Ellem

Love your work guys. It has such a significant impact on a participant’s feelings of value and self-worth when they see how their time at the military has been recognised. - CLET Client

I just received my certificate of “Diploma of Legal Service”, I am so happy about it, and thanks again for your professional job. The three years of learning Legal courses in CLET is a wonderful period of time in my life. The courses are so interesting that I am fascinated by that. I can discuss with my friends about Australian Law now, even most time using mandarin, I still feel proud of myself. Thank you for encouraging me to complete this course, I am proud of being a student in CLET. - Ling Jiao

Thanks very much to all at CLET for your prompt, courteous and excellent service. Certainly within Navy you are highly talked about & regarded. - Ryan B

I have dealt with CLET in the past they also provide training and RPL assistance. I can say my experience with this RTO was excellent they are professional and highly experienced. I highly recommend them. - Marty JT

You have a wonderful company and I would shout from the roof tops how good you guys are... - Kerri H

Really appreciated all the help and guidance you have provided me with. I have to say - I am loving the course! - Teresa R

Thanks for the impressively quick turn around with this assessment. The service you are offering along with the great customer service is outstanding and the reason I have recommended your organisation to several of my colleagues. - Darryl Bailey

I have found my course to be a stimulating and engaging learning experience. The support provided to me during the last two and a half years by CLET staff has been great. I would particularly like to make mention of Karyn Martin who has been a patient and willing mentor through this course. The online style of course delivery has really suited my circumstances, in todays busy world this is a big plus. The course is both professional and comprehensive in its nature and has really covered all aspects of the subject in considerable detail. I would certainly recommend the college, and the delivery method as very professional indeed. Thankyou. - Roger Wheeler

Highly recommend, I got an assessment and now have two Diplomas - Elly Sharuss

One of the best I have seen for RPL assessments, they do a great job, and provide a good report. - Scott Humphrey

Thanks very much for the speedy completion of the recent RPL assessments I have requested. - CLET Client

Hi Kate, A little while ago, you took the time to source and send me individual unit outlines from the website for the Diploma in Government (Management). This was to submit a credit application for my husband to RMIT for his Bachelor of Business (International). We thought it might be worth trying for a couple of elective credits. To our surprise he was granted 8 flexible elective credits. He can now complete his degree in 2 years. Thought you might like to know we had such a great outcome and we're really grateful for your assistance. - Janine Shaw

I hope you are well - I am loving the study and CLET is certainly the most professional colleges/RTOs I have studied at - it's a breath of fresh air in a sea of poor/average providers! I was an Executive Member of the WA Training Accreditation Council so I do have an idea about what makes a great college/RTO. - Michelle Gianatti

Thanks very much for the quick RPL turn around assessment and great news to hear. It was great to liaise with you and your personal service has been nothing but full of quality. Thanks in advance. - Jon Pitt

I studied through this organisation.. highly recommended! - Sarah Levy

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