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Regardless of an RPL application outcome, the CLET administrative processes for RPL, communication with your service, and the potential consideration of an applicants work schedules, deadlines and the busyness of day to day personal commitments (the prompt CLET assessment time frames) have been flawlessly impressive. The considerations for evidence based experience in the public service a significant strength to your RPL assessment process, and with certainty, will be highly appreciated by future RPL applicants, thank you. - RPL Applicant

From the course content and structure, course presentation, attention to details, the flip book, to the amazing support I have received from Karyn, everything was above and beyond what I expected. The overall experience was superlative, and I am very happy that I found and chose to study with CLET. - CLET Student

Study with CLET was one of the most amazing moments that happened in my life. Firstly, thank you for guiding me on which course I should take, and always being there for me when I needed help with assessments. Thank you a billion times. - CLET Student

I would like to write some compliments to show my gratitude to Karyn Martin. She has been really helpful, I couldn't go through it without her support. She is very kind, and supportive from the day I enrolled in the course (Diploma of Legal Services) to the day I complete it. Thank you so much CLET for your help and support. Kind regards - Kelly

Hello, can I just say a special thank you to Karyn Martin for all the support and patience she has given me. She gave me the confidence to learn. - Robert Wood

I would like to extend a thank you for this whole experience. You have all been very helpful and easy to work alongside. It was a long anticipated study period due to my commitments I have endured during the time, but got there thankfully in the end. I have gained so much in the last 1.5 years and am proud that I have taken on something on the side to help with understanding what I am surrounded by at work. - Bianca Portelli

Hi Kate, Thank you for the kind words and for your willingness to go the extra mile and help me obtain this qualification in time for my work opportunity. I have received the document now and look forward to receiving the paper copy in the mail. Studying with CLET has been an enjoyable and positive experience - especially so because of you and your team's responsiveness and support. I can see you are genuinely interested in your students' success and that shows in all interactions that I had with CLET. Thanks again and best wishes. - Vyasa O'Neil

I found the content interesting and kept me motivated to achieve the desired outcome. The learning portal was up to date and easy to use and content-rich, so it was easy to extract the information required. My Trainers were always accessible and went over and above all the time which was reassuring and supportive. - Rosella Fera

Hi, I would like to say how much I have enjoyed the course and working with the teachers in particular Karyn Martin. Karyn has been fantastic in all aspects from replying to emails and being contactable by phone to ask for assistance, it has made the course so enjoyable. I would like to wish you all well for 2021 and will definitely recommend CLET to all my friends, family and work colleagues. Appreciate it and thank you for the experience. Kindest regards - Matt Doak

Hi Team, I really just want to pass on a massive thank you for the ease at which you have processed the RPL for me. CLET has been incredible from start to finish with your communication and also the close to 4-week turnaround... and to back it up with the processing of the award within 2 business days of payment is incredible. I was so impressed that I could apply, upload evidence and then be assessed prior to invoicing. I have recommended CLET to some other colleagues who are looking for some RPL. Thanks again Brad - Brad Turner

Good morning Kate, Its been a little over 12 months since CLET awarded me with a Diploma in Public Safety (Emergency Management). This qualification not only assisted me in my enrolment into university, where I am now undertaking a Bachelor of Emergency Management, but it was recognised by the university as relevant prior learning and they awarded me credit points towards my degree. I just wanted to pass on my gratitude for the service that you provide, especially to the defence community, in aiding people to further themselves and undertake new career paths. Thank you so much and all the best to all of the team at CLET, your service is appreciated. Regards, - Grant Reibel

A big thanks to Kate Martin and her team from CLET. A refreshing and high quality experience, as Kate provided me excellent advice throughout my RPL process, for which CLET met within a short time frame and I attained 2 new qualifications. I believe the Diploma and Certificate IV definitely contributed to me being offered 3 job roles in related fields. I also feel more valued in the workforce through recognition of my career experience and hard-work. If you are considering formalising your on-the-job learning and professional development, I highly recommend you contact Kate, as an excellent source of professional expertise and guidance. - Leanne B

Highly recommend Kate and her team - true professionals, and truly dedicated to their clients. - Phil Lalor

I wanted to thank all of the teachers and all of the admin staff for support and helping me to build my knowledge. I need to thank the Director for looking after students and special thank you to Karyn Martin for all of the support. I will share my experience and recommend CLET to everyone who wants to build knowledge, move forward with the career and get a qualification, to enrol and start the course. I graduated with the Diploma of Security and Risk Management and I'll enrol again to another course. It is very easy to learn things, books are set up very clear what makes easier to use. The teachers are very willing to help, explain and give you enough time to finish your assessment. Thank all of you one more time see you soon again. - Mirjana Urosevic

Really lovely to hear from you and extremely excited about the completion of the assessment and the outcome to award the Advanced Diploma in Management (HR) - thank you so much! You have made my day/month/year! Again, I'm incredibly thrilled about the outcome of the assessment and that literally all of my hard work has paid off and recognised by yourselves. Thank you - thank you - thank you! - Francine Randall

Dear CLET, Thank you so much for all your hard work in supporting our team at ASIC. Your efforts are highly appreciated by Security Services at ASIC! - Madden

Thank you to you and your team at CLET. You have helped me achieve something I never thought possible! - Jason F

Congratulations, you people do a fantastic job. Keep the good work up. - Daniel Charters

The College is always improving and updating the curriculum which always makes it very relevant. I see this as a very positive aspect of the training at this college. - Roger Wheeler

You and your team there at CLET have been fantastic, amazing and all other words that encompass an outstanding and understanding organisation. Please pass on my gratitude to your team for the help given. - Jason D

CLET was a great stepping stone for myself. I am now at University studying Criminology and next year I start my bachelor of law. Highly recommend them. - Wayne Smith

This really helped me. I didnt finish my degree as I left Uni to join the Police, and I never got round to getting back there. CLET have been great in helping me get all my experience together and then translating that to a qual that I would otherwise have spent a couple of years + over $15,000 obtaining. Fantastic!. If you are not sure, give it a chance. Nothing to lose and you might just end up with an AQF recognised qualification. Its legit, and recognises people life and work experience. Thanks CLET! - Tony Ellem

Love your work guys. It has such a significant impact on a participant’s feelings of value and self-worth when they see how their time at the military has been recognised. - CLET Client

I just received my certificate of “Diploma of Legal Service”, I am so happy about it, and thanks again for your professional job. The three years of learning Legal courses in CLET is a wonderful period of time in my life. The courses are so interesting that I am fascinated by that. I can discuss with my friends about Australian Law now, even most time using mandarin, I still feel proud of myself. Thank you for encouraging me to complete this course, I am proud of being a student in CLET. - Ling Jiao

Thanks very much to all at CLET for your prompt, courteous and excellent service. Certainly within Navy you are highly talked about & regarded. - Ryan B

I have dealt with CLET in the past they also provide training and RPL assistance. I can say my experience with this RTO was excellent they are professional and highly experienced. I highly recommend them. - Marty JT

The course is very engaging, and I am glad I chose to complete my certificate through CLET. The feedback provided by the teaching staff and how fast they are responding to my inquiries makes it feel like a classroom setting. - Jacob Milsom

I have received exceptional help from trainer Karyn Martin. I am so lucky to have many sessions with a wonderful trainer. Karyn is amazing, without her motivation, I couldn't have finished the course. She has provided me tremendous support throughout - CLET Student

Thank you very much for your email and assistance with my assessment in relation to the RPL that has been attained. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for this RPL in recognition of service in my current role and i am confident this has placed me in good stead for future promotional opportunities. Once again thank you to you and your team for your assistance. - Mick K

I just wanted to contact you to say thank you for your support and advice during the RPL process, where my previous experience as a Police Officer was assessed and successfully transferred into nationally recognised qualifications. I then applied for and was recently offered a management position in the private sector. I have no doubt that the qualifications I obtained from CLET Training played a major part in helping me achieve this offer. I wanted to pass on my thanks to your team. I have now recommended CLET Training to a number of colleagues. - Graham Conaty

Thank you so much Ricky. You have a wealth of knowledge about policing, law and legislation and have taught me a lot. In all honesty, I don't think I would have finished this course if it wasn't for your ongoing constructive feedback and your positive encouragement. So thank you and I appreciate it!!!! :) - Alexis Short

Good afternoon to the RPL team, I just wanted to send a quick email to express my thanks for how easy the process for RPL with your company was. It was such a streamlined process and having the ability to simply send documentation through the online portal made the process much easier. Thank you for the quick processing (particularly the recent change in qualification). I do appreciate the fact that through your organisation I have been able to have my skills and knowledge that I have acquired over the last 10 years formally recognised. - Josh Emanuel

Hi CLET Team, Thank you so much for your consideration and time taken to process my RPL for the qualification Cert IV in Government Investigations. Your services came highly recommended by a work college and I found the process hassle free, quick and very professional at all times. What I would like to comment the most about is the way I was very promptly kept up to date on every step of this process and that nothing was left in doubt on what was to happen next. I would have no hesitation to recommend your services to another person, business or company and I will most definitely be using CLET Training again in the near future. So CONGRATULATIONS to you !! Thank you again Kind Regards - Justin Monk

Hi Kate, Thank you so much for putting this together. It means so much that you and your team are able to provide avenues for not only myself but other people who have left the military and/or other services and are trying to start a new civilian life. It really is a great thing that you are doing, and I am already grateful for the time and effort that you have exerted so far. - Jacob M

I am very grateful for the assistance of Karen and the Team, you have been a pleasure to deal with and I really appreciate your help. - Brandon Shortland

Hi CLET, Thank you very much for your very quick service. I would like to commend you on how quick and seamless this process was! Thank you. - Luke Horrell

Firstly, thank you for all the support that I have received over the last 2 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and credit must go to Jacob who has been so supportive along the whole way. His kindness, knowledge and support has really helped me finish this course. Thank you once again for all your assistance. Much appreciated. - June Sinclair Dip Legal Services

CLET have been awesome! I have tried study a few times with other colleges but they were difficult to deal with, unresponsive and inflexible. CLET are supportive, fast to reply and helpful. I only have 3 more units to go, then I'm done. - Rebecca Harband

Thankyou so much for this, what a great quick turn around, now I know why you guys have such a fantastic name well done, bravo. - Mark Cameron

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help and advice throughout the course, I had my final interview with VicPol on Monday and I was accepted! I start training at the academy on the 17th of next month. I was able to reference sections of the investigation and interview units during my interview which I think was a big boost to my final score. Thanks again! - Ryan Hammersley

I just want to say thank you to all the trainers, Rochelle, Ricky, Anthony and Karyn for all their feedback and support throughout my course. This has been challenging for me in many aspects from work / life balance to not been very academic in school and with the support from the whole CLET staff I’m now 1 step closer to fulfilling my career goal of becoming a police officer. I was a little concerned about starting a course online because I thought there would not be much support, but I was wrong the support you get through your organisation is incredible and you guys do a fantastic job to ensure us as students have the right guidance and resources to get us through the tough assessments. Again thank you so much for your support and hard work and I’m sure you will hear of me shortly for the police prep area for my journey into the QLD police force. - Salvatore Disco

You have a wonderful company and I would shout from the roof tops how good you guys are... - Kerri H

Really appreciated all the help and guidance you have provided me with. I have to say - I am loving the course! - Teresa R

Thanks for the impressively quick turn around with this assessment. The service you are offering along with the great customer service is outstanding and the reason I have recommended your organisation to several of my colleagues. - Darryl Bailey

I have found my course to be a stimulating and engaging learning experience. The support provided to me during the last two and a half years by CLET staff has been great. I would particularly like to make mention of Karyn Martin who has been a patient and willing mentor through this course. The online style of course delivery has really suited my circumstances, in todays busy world this is a big plus. The course is both professional and comprehensive in its nature and has really covered all aspects of the subject in considerable detail. I would certainly recommend the college, and the delivery method as very professional indeed. Thankyou. - Roger Wheeler

Highly recommend, I got an assessment and now have two Diplomas - Elly Sharuss

One of the best I have seen for RPL assessments, they do a great job, and provide a good report. - Scott Humphrey

Thanks very much for the speedy completion of the recent RPL assessments I have requested. - CLET Client

Hi Kate, A little while ago, you took the time to source and send me individual unit outlines from the website for the Diploma in Government (Management). This was to submit a credit application for my husband to RMIT for his Bachelor of Business (International). We thought it might be worth trying for a couple of elective credits. To our surprise he was granted 8 flexible elective credits. He can now complete his degree in 2 years. Thought you might like to know we had such a great outcome and we're really grateful for your assistance. - Janine Shaw

I hope you are well - I am loving the study and CLET is certainly the most professional colleges/RTOs I have studied at - it's a breath of fresh air in a sea of poor/average providers! I was an Executive Member of the WA Training Accreditation Council so I do have an idea about what makes a great college/RTO. - Michelle Gianatti

Thanks very much for the quick RPL turn around assessment and great news to hear. It was great to liaise with you and your personal service has been nothing but full of quality. Thanks in advance. - Jon Pitt

I studied through this organisation.. highly recommended! - Sarah Levy

Why CLET Training?


  • RPL team leader is Dr Kate Martin
  • Assessing service personnel since 2006
  • RPL assessors understand civilian requirements 
  • RPL assessors degree and industry qualified
  • Modern interactive online RPL application process
  • Apply online 365 days a year
  • Securely upload your workplace evidence online
  • RPL assessment is obligation free
  • Nationally Recognised Qualifications
  • Low fees and flexible payment plans

Why study with CLET?

  • Offering online gap training for experienced workers
  • Nationally Recognised Courses
  • Study 365 days a year
  • CLET's online system is called Study Cloud
  • Interactive online study and Assessments
  • Study resources available 24/7
  • No assessment due dates - study at your pace
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Online/Phone and ZOOM Student Support

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