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Specialising in RPL for police, military and emergency services


Welcome to CLET Training!

Welcome to CLET Training, we are glad you are here. CLET Training is a registered training organisation (RTO#31254), specialising in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Known in industry as just CLET, we offer RPL as a key step in the transition from service. If you are (or were) police, military, fire, paramedic, or corrective services, CLET RPL will support a recognition of your service that is unique and built especially for you. 

If you are working in health, the public sector, or the mining sector, we also have RPL pathways for you. Perhaps you are in the private sector, regulatory sector, or the VET sector; all of which can also be supported by CLET RPL.

RPL is an opportunity for skilled workers to gain nationally recognised qualifications. The RPL process is a comprehensive assessment system that maps current and former employment experience with the criteria of the nationally recognised qualifications. This means that you do not have to study or relearn skills and knowledge you already have. Instead, the team at CLET will conduct all the mapping for you and identify the links between your experience and relevant qualifications.

Explore our website to learn more about our recognition of prior learning, and take the first step towards achieving your career and/or transition goals with CLET Training.


Dr Kate Martin is Australia's expert in helping our clients from the police, military, emergency services, and related industries to move forward into employment post-service. With over 20 years of research and experience in the industry, she has helped countless individuals transition into new careers after serving their country and community. Her expertise in this area is invaluable to our clients who are seeking to further their careers or transition into new fields.

Our RPL application process is designed to be convenient and hassle-free. It's 100% online, which means you can complete the application form from the comfort of your own home or office. Once you submit your secure online application, you can upload your evidence into our encrypted online vault for assessment. Our experienced RPL assessors, led by Dr Kate Martin, will then review your evidence and provide you with an obligation-free report outlining your qualification options.

But if you are not in these service groups, we may still be able to help. We have over 45 nationally recognised qualifications that we can assess against, so check and see if we have something that suits you, your family or friends, colleagues, or acquaintances.  We can conduct an assessment for anyone.

If full RPL is not what you are looking for, keep scrolling to see partial RPL and gap training options.


Industry Groups for RPL

CLET specialises in RPL for several industry groups including police, military, and emergency services as well as Local, State, and Federal Government, health, mining, corrections, legal, security, and safety sectors.

Click on the category below that best reflects your employment experience for more information about the RPL options available to you.

If full RPL is not an option on a qualification you are seeking, don't worry! We also offer gap training programs in emergency management. Keep scrolling to see the study options available.

Gap Training 

Gap training refers to the opportunity to complete a qualification through a combination of RPL for employment experience/credit from previous studies and a study pathway to undertake the units without RPL/credit.

CLET offers the opportunity for gap training in two disciplines, Emergency Management and Legal Services. 

If you believe that your experience may not support a full RPL outcome, you can choose to explore the options for a partial RPL with gap training with CLET. To do this, you can complete the request for RPL above and then the CLET RPL Team will complete the RPL assessment and advise on your RPL and study options. Each pathway will be unique to the individual experience.  

If you are uncertain whether you have sufficient experience for full or partial RPL, no need to specify your request. The CLET RPL team will assess a gap training option when a qualification in emergency management or legal services is chosen for assessment.

The assessment process to confirm your eligibility for gap training is free. Once you choose to undertake the study pathway, the course fees are a pro rata calculation of the partial RPL and the partial study. This will be unique to each design following the assessment. There is no obligation for you to undertake the study. 


Why CLET Training?


  • RPL team leader is Dr Kate Martin
  • Assessing service personnel since 2006
  • RPL assessors understand civilian requirements 
  • RPL assessors degree and industry qualified
  • Modern interactive online RPL application process
  • Apply online 365 days a year
  • Securely upload your workplace evidence online
  • RPL assessment is obligation free
  • Nationally Recognised Qualifications
  • Low fees and flexible payment plans

Why study with CLET?

  • Offering online gap training for experienced workers
  • Nationally Recognised Courses
  • Study 365 days a year
  • CLET's online system is called Study Cloud
  • Interactive online study and Assessments
  • Study resources available 24/7
  • No assessment due dates - study at your pace
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
  • Online/Phone and ZOOM Student Support